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Flygsfors Berndt "Mushroom" Vase


I purchased this interesting Flygsfors vase today, which has sticker and signed underneath with company name, "60" and "Berndt."  I've found no information on this piece or its series in either my Scandi reference books or online.  Any information would be appreciated.   Also, as I have no intention of parting with it, I'd like to know (in general terms) what type of insurance value to place on it.

At the risk of telling you what you already know  :? :'Smoke & Ice' by Vigier and Pina says that Wiktor Berndt was a designer for Flygsfors from 1955-1974 and chief designer from 1956 - goes on to say that Berndt pieces are often signed with his last name, the company name and the production year.

Smoke & Ice  ISBN 0-7643-1653-2

I've had a look through my other books and can't find this design either.  I hope someone has the answers for you.  :)

I've been buying quite a few pieces of Berndt over the past few months for a friend who is not on the web and wanted to collect something a little unusual. This appears later than his naive figural pieces and I would guess it to be late 1960's or even early 1970's. I've not come across this pattern either so difficult to estimate value, but the figural vases have been trading in the £120 - £180 region this year so far with no shortage of buyers so hopefully this will help a tad.

Thanks for the replies.  Yep, I've got the fire-smoke-ice books!  To clarify, the "60" from what I know about Flygsfors would I believe mean it was produced in the year 1960.  I have 5 "Coquille" vases signed with these two digit year codes.  As a side note, as gorgeous as they are, Coquille vases have been selling from 1/2 to 1/3 of "book" value on eBay over at least the past couple years (although strangely at "book" price in antique shows and stores here in the midwest!).  Hopefully my "mushroom" vase doesn't suffer from this overall depression in Flygsfors market, owing to its apparent scarcity and strong interest in the designer for his molded "naive" pieces.

None of the Berndt pieces I've bought have had a year mark, just "Flygsfors" and "Berndt". I know these were common on the Cocquille range, but it just possibly may not be a date, though probably is.


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