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Is this a Bohemian 1930's paperweight?



I have just bought this lovely paperweight with a flat ground base and bubbles and a fountain like swirl.

I think Kev H said that one like it  may be Bohemian and from the 1930's, I hope so because if it is something is lodging in my little grey cells :D

Top/side view

Side view

Base view

Sorry about the box top for the photo, but I am trying to get ready for Farndon fair tomorrow, and its just too hot, and I'm longing for a glass of wine but as I have to be up early tomorrow and have a clear head its got to be water instead :cry:


Hi Barbara,

I have an example very much like yours (but mine is actually a bit neater :) ). From the base, they look the same, because of the flat polished finish and the very fine chips and colouring of the ground.

I bought mine sevral years ago as "Bohemian". A book by Peter von Brackel published 1999, covers all sorts of European "folk art" weights and he shows a couple with (some) similar features, although of differing design. He attributed them to "Weisswasser 1900-1930", a company in what used to be Silesia.

Whether our weights really are Weisswasser, is speculative at best, but they are of a style which is, to my eye, tidier than most of the "Bohemian / Czech" folk art items from 1900-30.

Hi Kev H,

I am just so pleased that some of your words of wisdom find their way in and stay there :lol:

As you know, me and paperweights are usually a no-no, as I know really very very little at all, despite a couple of books now and all your help. BUT this one looked at me and that little light bulb went off :idea: and I remembered reading what you had said about a similar one.

Its a step in the right direction though, all be it a small one :lol:

Thanks for your help again,



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