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Having seen many queries posted accompanied by photos which later lose their pics as they are deleted by hosts such as Tinypics, PhotoBucket, etc, we request that you post images on the board itself for your topics here.. 

Images can be added to board posts by using the attachment options at the bottom of the posting screen. You will need to ensure your images are less than 125kb each, and no more than 4 attachments may be added to any one post.

The board will automatically create clickable thumbnails from images that you upload. Your uploaded image/s need to be between 400px and 700px along the longest edge which will allow us to see details whilst fitting our file size limit. Anything smaller than 400px makes it hard to see detail.     

The attachments will need to be .jpg format and compressed to around 60% quality. No other formats are uploadable to the board.  You may upload images to all forums except Cafe, where you will still need to use GlassGallery Cafe album for hosting. 

This is how a post with images will look:,16927.0.html


GlassGallery is where you can store your personal album collections and where images for one type studies, events, cafe threads, etc will remain.

To use GlassGallery you do need to register but this is simple and just involves choosing a user name and password and once activated by admin acting on the confirmation e-mail. Once registered you can upload photos to GlassGallery. NB if you use the same username and email address as you use on the GMB then it makes the process of activating you much easier and quicker.

There is a series of How To's for anyone wanting to use GlassGallery to host images... these walk you through the process of uploading and adding title and additional information.

GlassGallery Help & How to:

GlassGallery Main page:

n.b. The link that you add to your GMB message is found BELOW your picture and will look something like this:  - note the - followed by a number at the end. If you use the link in the browser address bar it will show different images depending on your view settings in the gallery (view by file name, date added, etc.)

We know how daunting it can be to use these facilities the first time, so if you need help please either post a request for help in your topic on the board or email ( Support directly for help.

GlassGallery pictures are limited to a 200kb filesize and 1000x1000 pixels dimensions. If you need to resize your images and do not have an image program to do this you can use free software, such as Irfanview, to crop and resize your pictures.

If you need help using the program, Carolyn Preston has provided a simple and clear step-by-step method which should get you up and running:

--- Quote ---Step 1:  Open up Irfanview
Step 2:  Open up the picture you wish to resize
Step 3:  Click on Image (third from the left)
Step 4:  Click on Resize/Resample
Step 5:  On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a series of different size ratios. Click on 640 x 480 and hit the okay button
Step 6:  Click on file and then resave the picture with a slightly different name (thereby preserving the original).
Step 7:  Try uploading again. (Make sure you chose the new picture, not the original). If it is still too big, repeat Steps 1 to 4 using the new picture
Step 5:  On the left hand side of the screen, click where it says "set new size as percentage of original" and set the percentage as 75. Click okay button.
Step 6 to 7 Repeat as before.

Then your pictures should work.
--- End quote ---

If you'd like to explore in a little more detail, David Encill has created a useful Irfanview tutorial at

Download IrfanView Link:


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