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Scandi? candlestick

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Hi Y'all,
Can anyone ID the signiture on this very Scandi looking candlestick please?
Thank You.
Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:

Hi Bryn,
this is just what I could perhaps decypher:
something like...

Shäverberg P 0 0

perhaps the bells ring with anyone else here?


I think it could be "Strömberg P60" but it is not obvious - I needed Pamela's interpretation as a stepping stone!

If it is by Strömbergshyttan you would expect to see either no sig or a sig in full - not half a sig. The numbering "P" does also not make much sense but there may be an explanation for that.

Strömberg output is very well documented, maybe Bill G. will recognise it.

Having the piece to hand I think the number is 50 and I am not sure if the letter is a P, I actually thought it might read 1950 with a smallish 9 but the design looks so much later to me, that is of course, if it was meant to show a date.

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:

Ivo thank you, I had counted on you and hoped you would appear  :oops:
I may shout only this time:
I WANT MY HAANSTRA BOOK AT HOME and not in the museum  :evil:
Bryn, just made out and reading your last post while typing this whole message: why not 1950ies? Scandi design is always decades in advance IMHO  :P


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