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Steven & Williams Pattern? Id = Pukeberg “Solfjäder” (Fan)

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I believe I once read either in a book or on the internet that this pattern, referred to as "Turkey Tracks" was made by Steven & Williams. Yet, I see so many references to it (including listings on eBay) as being made by McKee. It is so much delicate than McKee depression glass and seems more like a Frederic Carder design. Can anyone clarify if this pattern that looks like little turkey tracks is in fact Steven Williams? Perhaps, some of the glass experts in England might know. And, give credit where credit is due!
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David Hier:
Without any doubt this is not S & W and certainly not Carder. I would suggest that the original suggestion of Depression glass is more accurate. It certainly looks like an American mass-produced piece to me.


This pattern has been discussed here previously.,444.0.html

The Pukeberg, Sweden glass factory is still in operation and have confirmed that they made this pattern.  It was likely designed by Harald Notini.

There is an excellent article on it in the current issue of All About Glass which is the journal of the West Virginia Museum of American Glass.   An excellent publication from an excellent organization.


Wow, Sid! You are the best! I looked at Pukeberg's homepage and lo and behold there is a pic of a goblet w/the same pattern! It's sort of exciting to now know this when so many people misattribute it to McKee and also to a lesser extent Steven & Williams. Who would ever have thought this was a Pukeberg pattern!!! Anyway, I just sent an e-mail to Pukeberg along with my pics asking for any info they may have such as the real pattern name, the age and designer. If I hear back, I'll let you know here on this post!
Thank again

:lol: Pukeberg was ever so kind enough to send a reply! Anway, they confirmed that this ppiece was made by their company. Its name is “Solfjäder” (Fan) and the designer is Harald Notini.
This series was in production 1915 – 1930.


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