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Found this today, no markings, does not floresce with a blacklight, thought it looked like Fenton but know that the base should be stamped.  So any ideas to pattern and who the heck made this?


I can tell you the pattern/s and original maker, as it was made by Dugan in Carnival Glass.

inside = Question Marks
exterior = Georgia Belle
foot = Puzzle

What I am not sure of is who made your piece. I know many of the old Dugan moulds were put into production by L G Wright, but I cannot tell you if this item was made by them or not. Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm maker and d.o.p.

Hope this helps a little

Hi Nancy -

Your piece is Dugan Glass Question Marks.  It is well  known carnival glass pattern so I am sure Glen can help you with the details.

I think you have one of the 3-in-1 pattern pieces.  It is Question Marks on the inside, Georgia Belle on the outside with Puzzle pattern on the foot.

I think the opalescent pieces are far less common than the carnival glass ones.

Nice find!

Oops, Glen  - We were posting at the same time.   :lol:

Edwards and Carwile in their Opalescent book indicate that the opalescent pieces were produced by Dugan and are less common than the carnival pieces.

I am trying to find another source to confirm because we all know about Edward's books  :roll:

:lol: Connie!

I couldn't see the opal - I think it could be my monitor, as I find things are coming up much darker on this screen than on the machine DH uses.

I had a quick look through Heacock/Measell's Dugan book, but didn't spot it in opal. I'll check further. It could certainly be an original old Dugan item.

Shall we vote for that unless we find anything firm to the contrary  :D



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