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Paperweight ID help please

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I got this one because I like it and it sits well with my Okra ones. I believe it to be a second because it has a shallow ragged crack on the base. I suppose it could be Okra but some of my collection has been brough directly from Richard at the studio and the rest is all signed. I don't actually know if he sells seconds. Also the finish is not quite the same and doses not feel the same. I took one pic which is a bit blurred to show the way it irridesces purple in the daylight.

The coloring and finish is very similar to a Robert Held weight I once had. Might be worth a look.

Thanks for the possible lead. I have emailed Robert Held with a photo so we'll wait and see.

Here is an Orient and Flume one, similar but not quite... but it might have been an older one in a slightly different style?

Whoopee! I got this reply from Robert Held in Canada:

Hi Pat,
Yes this is a Robert Held Art Glass paperweight from our abstract
Cheers, Laura Kearnes

Thank you cat.


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