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Hermanova / Stoelzl / Stölzl 19268 butterdish (for show)

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I found this today, it's in the pre-1958 Hermanova [Stölzl / Stoelzl] catalogue.  Glows under UV light. Pics showing the whole thing from different angles, and one showing the base alone.  Size: 15.5cm across the widest part, overall height 10cm.  Apart from being a bit grubby there is no evidence of it being used, no damage.

Anne E.B.:
Lovely piece!  The finial looks very Art Deco.  I just wonder if this same finial is used on any of their trinket sets?
Can you still buy butter in round blocks?  It would be nice to be still able to use it.

I've not seen butter in rounds, Anne, but the finial is very impractical - I can imagine it being tricky to hold it with buttery fingers, it's not easy even with clean ones, the lid tends to slide from my fingers so I'm not going to risk it!

The same finial was used on a cheese dish, a covered sugar, a honey pot, and another covered container (all on page 25), but not trinket set pieces in that catalogue.

There are a couple of Welsh brands of butter that are sold round, one is Shirgar. Small artisan producers would probably be a good bet for round pats of butter though presumably it would not be that difficult to make your own round block. Warm it gently and find a suitable mould...


Trinket set Mystery#122 on the Glass Trinket Sets site at
has a similar, but not identical' 'triple-finned' finial on its trinket pots lids.

Perhaps this is a strong indicator to its identity.



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