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Odd Green Vase

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Hello All

I found this strange vase in a charity shop last Friday.  It has 8 indentations four near the base and four near the top, neatly spaced. It's about 25cm high and a bluey-green colour. The pontil has been ground but not very well (I think). The rim is curved not flat.  Never seen anything like it before.  Anyone?



Is that red spot the remains of a label?

Oh dear - it's the remains of the price tag!!! 10 swiss francs (GBP 4.50). Whoops!

Possibly Scandinavian, as both Holmegaard and Elme have used similar indentations on their glass, although I don't specifically recognise the design of your glass. I don't think the vase is by Holmegaard, though, and I don't know enough about Elme to even begin with an attribution there.

It's just a thought.

I don't think it's Holmegaard either. The rough pontil mark puts me off scandi though. But there are more scandi makers out there than I know about.


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