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Decanter and glasses

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Anyone know where this was made, by whom etc?  I know it's not posh but another find at the charity shop - not many of them over here unfortunately.  And how can I clean the inside curvy bit below the neck?

Big thanks


If it is one of these decanters with a plastic lined stopper (ooooooh I hate those with a vengeance) then ther maker is most probably Oberglas Austria or one of the Empoli factories.

And you can clean it with a flexible bottle brush - you can get them in home-brewery supply shops or in shops with baby supplies (a baby's bottle cleaner).

:twisted: :D :twisted:

- or with Magic Balls!

These are commercially available tiny little copper ball bearings that canbe used to swirl around inside decanters. Copper is soft and won't scratch, but is heavy, so it will shift muck. I've said this before, it's great, although puerile, fun going into a shop and asking a young man behind the counter if he has magic balls!  :lol:

From where do I get magic balls please?


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