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Lauscha stag and hounds?

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I've succumbed to buying a very large lampwork sculpture of a stag and hounds.  I'm thinking it's Lauscha, but am getting a little tied in knots with it...I know it's hard to tell with lampwork, but does anyone have a clue?

with that quality there are only few possible makers - Lauscha is the most probable. Have you seen the spots on the dogs? Bow-wow!

Blimey Max, you are brave !  I hope they know how to pack it well....


Please don't say it Lynne.  I'm already worried about it...and then, as I'm going to re-sell means it's my responsibility later.  :shock:  I think it's a fabulous piece though.  

It was the spots on the dogs that won me over too Ivo.  :D

Oh well, start collecting your bubble wrap and poly chips now....... :lol:

I just wish the airmail permissable dimensions were a bit more generous to allow for more overwrapping of delicate pieces like this.  The weight is going to be ok I would think, but the size of the box is ALWAYS a problem.

Or will you sell it UK only?


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