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Webb Corbett 'Daffodil' bowl?

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Sorry, here's another item.   :oops:

I bought this thinking it was Webb Corbett - it's a whopping great bowl at 30cm wide, and I think it was a good price.  Unless I've got it wrong...

Could anyone confirm/unconform my thoughts for me?

No idea if it is Webb Corbett, but for sure it is not Art Deco.

:D :D :D

Hello Max!

The pattern is right for Webb Corbett, it's the same pattern as a vase in
Nigel Benson's "Art Deco to Post Modernism", p.29, described as "Vase with mitre cut & engraved daffodil motifs, designed by David Smith, mid 1950's, 11 ins, illustrated in Pottery and Glass 1954, PG&GTR Feb. 1956 and the Beauty of Modern Glass page 92.

Maybe you'll find the mark when you get it.



--- Quote from: "Frank" ---No idea if it is Webb Corbett, but for sure it is not Art Deco.
--- End quote ---

Agreed Frank.  I've been comparing it to Page 39 in Nigel Benson's nifty little book 'Glass of the '50s and '60s' by Miller's.

It appears to be the same engraving on a large vase.   :?:

Hey Sue, thanks!  We crossed postings.  :D   I don't have those books, but thank you very much for the extra information - it helps me no end, it really does.  xxx

...oh, and thanks Nigel, wherever you are!   :wink:


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