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Carnival Glass - Photos for Angela


Here are a couple of photos for you of my parents carnival glass bowl. They have two but this one is of better quality I believe. It's not as dark as I had remembered - more deep orange with purple sheen. The base is very dark purple underneath - I have another photo of this which captures the colour quite well. I haven't managed to upload it but will do that next!

It originally belonged to my father's mum and was given to her as a wedding gift in the 1930s. Sadly it's not on display and my parents are thinking of selling it now.

I hope you like the photos - the close up has come out quite well!


Here is the photograph of the bowl from underneath.


Lovely photos of a very pretty piece. It's Fenton's "Holly" with a 3 in 1 edge. The base colour appears to be amethyst, but I can't tell for certain.



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