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Contemporary Glass Spheres


When I used to own a restaurant, I had guys that would be working for me, but they would actually be making glass pipes, beads, key chains and these glass spheres on the side to make extra money.  I bought this one for about $50.  Once a year I get together with a lot of past employees and they will show me more of their artwork.  They are getting better all the time and wanted to share with you what the trends are becoming (at least here in Amarillo) in the 18 to 22 year old group.  I would not classify them as paperweights because they are completely round, except for the tiniest indent on the base.  Just thought I'd like to share with you guys.  


Hi Nancy,
I absolutely share your enthusiasm, from here in sunny London! Contemporary glass spheres are immensely appealing and often incredibly complex to create - many of the guys who create these masterpieces are arguably yet to be widely 'discovered'. I've been interested in this area for a few years now and have a small collection, built up on my trips to the US. Whilst names such as Mark Matthews and Paul Stankard attract very high prices, the work of Jesse Taj, Dustin Morell, Cathy Richardson and others is largely affordable to most - and there's a whole new world of people out there waiting to be discovered. There's a book on the area by Mark Block, published by Schiffer Books, that gives more information for anyone interested. As well as glass pipes, quite a few artists came to the area though marble collecting. Mark is one of the leading experts in this area and also a good friend of mine. He has also contributed to the books I co-produce - the annual DK Collectables Price Guides by Judith Miller. I've included a section on contemporary glass spheres for the past three years' worth of editions, mainly in the hope that people on both sides of the pond may pay them more attention. The problem for me is getting hold of them here in the UK - we just don't see them -- yet!

Perhaps Adam will get inspired while in the US and create the Zest! Spheres 8)

Mark, I'm going to have to check out some of those books.  If my young friends come over again, I'll try and get a good deal on some and send them over to you.  


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