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2 PW's Perthshire and ??

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Hi, I'm fairly new to this board and was hoping someone could help me with these paperweights.

The first is a gorgeous faceted weight, with gold aventurine under millefiori canes. Would it be safe to assume murano or did others make weights like this?
Are there any other words used to describe the faceting?

The second is perthshire with a central P cane, But i'm hoping for leads to the name of the weight or any technical words that describe the edge treatment as I've not come across it before.

Pics are clickable thumbs to larger images, thanks in advance for any help :)

First one definitely murano. The facetting like this where facetted to a point is I think uniquely murano. Couldnt tell you the maker. Others members have far more Murano knowledge and may indicate a maker.

The little perthshire is moulded rather than cut.  When the weight is finished off to a round shape, but whilst still hot and on the iron, it is pushed into a mould that shapes it to give the fluted edge. Starthearn used to do similar. Havent got my book with me but it is a stardard design - with a PP number in the sixties I think.

Peter McDougal still makes this type of weight

The first paperweight IS Murano, as you noted, from the island in the Veneto in Italy (Venice). This paperweight style was popular in the 1970s. It consists of concentric rings of millefiori canes and has bee hive or honeycomb faceting.

The second paperweight IS Perthshire, as you also noted. The edging or rim is a style called fluted. Basically, you would write in your index file for your collection that the weight has a pressed, fluted edge. The millefiori cane work is called concentric. These were made by Perthshire from 1982 to 1997 and were designated by the factory manufacturing number as PP75. This size weight is called a miniature.

Perthshire also made a medium size weight - similar in design - that was designated PP53. A medium fluted weight that had different patterns and designs in the center was called the PP61 and was made between 1983 and 1988.

glad someone had the book to hand. saves me looking up when I get home

Thankyou all for that wealth of information  :D

Which book do you use for the perthshire ID's My sisters just getting into paperweights and though I can teach her the basics we'll be learning the rest together lol. My two books are older, and very general books so I must have more!! ;)


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