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Highly recommended forthcoming exhibition ...the Paul Stankard retrospective...Paul Stankard: A Floating World Forty Years of an      American Master in Glass May 28- August 29, 2004. From what I've heard this is going to be a fantastic exhibition and a once in a lifetime experience for paperweight collectors, so probably worth a trip to New York. It is at the Museum of Art and Design (formerly called the American Craft Museum).


--- Quote from: "Anonymous" ---Highly recommended forthcoming exhibition
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I ADORE Paul Stankard - he's my hero!  :shock:  :oops:  :roll:

If anybody here is thinking of going to the exhibition, please can I ask you to get me a catalogue, brochure, whatever, and I'll send you the money? :shock:  I have a son in the US so I can arrange for payment in US dollars if necessary.

And take pics, if you're allowed!   :D  :D  :D


Dear Leni,

probably you should look at the date of the first post and also the date of the exhibition  :roll:

As the Stankard Exhibition is over for more than a year, you can take a look at my mistery paperweight on saturday  :lol:

Best wishes

Time Warp :lol:

I'm not *quite* that stupid, actually!  :P

Leni  :twisted:


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