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My name is Kathy and I am new to this board.  I recently inherited some glass after a death in my family, and I am looking for help with identification and value.  I tried to post the photos through the photo gallery, but even after following the prompts they would not post.

I have posted the pieces on (thanks to the help of my teenage daughter), and the login information is, and the password is jordan57.  When the page comes up click onto "pics" and the photos of the three items will come up.

All three belonged to my great grandmother.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,
Kathy Edwards

Hi Kathy, welcome to the board!
I think it's a little dangerous how you introduce yourself here with key and password.... For ALL of US it's ok, but for the rest of the world?


A much safer way of linking to your pictures on MySpace rather than giving people your log-in details would be to direct them to this link:

I love the colours of the orange glass, by the way.

Where's the orange glass?

I appreciate your concerns about the introduction and the myspace information.  Fortunately it is just a shell with only bits and pieces of real information attached.  Because I live in a suburb of Atlanta, and I am only listed publicly under my husbands name, all should be okay.  

However, the pictures are real!



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