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What kind of glass craft/art is this?


hi guys!

need help, please.

my friend sent me a photo of this really cute key chain made of glass with a small hand-drawn image inside it. here's the link to the photo:

all i know is that, the thin piece of paper is melted with the translucent glass. then the glass is smoothened out, and shaped accdg to desire.

any info, pls? thanks!

^ bump

anyone who can help, pls?
any info?


Hi Tammy welcome,
it would be nice and could be helpful if you'd adjust your profile to some more information - thank you!

Are you really sure it is glass please?

How about the acrylic/plexi version?

Paper molten into glass sounds strange - JMHO

It can't be paper as that would vaporise and probably create small bubbles. The text could be a transfer print. Alternatively it is just glued together.


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