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Stuart glass - cockfighting

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Bernard C:
Superb, Ray.

The original set of six would have shown the full progress of the cockfight, with the final one showing the victor crowing over the body of the vanquished with its legs in the air.

I have only ever seen one full set, and that was in the less expensive enamelled version, dating from 1928-40.   Yours date from 1926/7 onwards, even during the war years, as rationing restrictions were not too difficult to get around if you had the money ("Special order from the USA, guv.")

Please let me know if you ever decide to sell them.

Bernard C.  8)

Back from Xmas in Germany... lots of catching up to do, but greetings to all.

Hartmann shows 15 marks for Stuart & Sons Ltd. 3 variants of the wiggly one:

1 on its own - 1926
2.with England 1926-50
3. In Oval + Stuart Crystal under, from 1950.

Unfortunately the source is not mentioned for those particular dates.

Had a huge collection of those once, included French, Czech & English. About 70 or 80 in all. Delightful range and different levels of the 'art' in the transfers from primitive to fine. Sold most around 4 pounds a piece, not sure about the Stuart ones but that was a bargain Ray.


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