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Paul ADK:
We have a 7" crystal Orrefors vase with the following engraved mark: LU43C8-22s.  If I understand correctly, the letter L would mean it was designed by Vicke Lindstrand sometime between 1928 and 1940.   The U designating that it is Blown Glass, that had been worked in the blowing room.

Is there any way to tell the approximate date of manufacture from the balance of the code?


Bill G:
Yes, we can tell you the date of the piece.

The number 43C8 does not make sense. Does the form have external decoration or is it plain. C8 does fit numbering systems with which I am familar with at ORREFORS.

Bill G

Paul ADK:
My error, what I took to the the letter C, in daylight appears to be the number 6.  The correct mark is then LU4368-22s. The exterior is ribbed, no engraving.

Bill G:
The number means it was designed by Vicke Lindstrand and was hand made. Unfortunately the number sequence 4368 would indicate the late 1960's or 1970's and Lindstrand had been at Kosta since the 1950's.

Paul ADK:
Bill:  Thank you very much, I appreciate the information.  If you don't mind my asking, is there a book that contains information on dating Scandinavian glass?  We have the book "Fire and Sea," but unless I've missed it, that book does not have the date codes.

Thanks again.
Paul ADK


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