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Carolyn Preston:
Hi, I am very new to the board, having found it on a search looking for information on a piece of glass I recently purchased. Mother-in-law, who is of course an expert on everything thinks it is Monart, I'm included to say Ysart, but would love to know for sure. Cannot find a picture of its shape, closest I have found is an ashtray, but this is either the world's largest ashtray or is a bowl. Has the wavey (scalloped?) edge of an ashtray. Colour is pink with brown/purple swirls (like they were starting to play with the milleflore of the paperweights) and lots of the aventurine. No label of course. The bottom (Plinth?) is quite smooth. Okay, I know I'm hopeless, but... :D

What other pieces of information would you like? I don't have a digital camera, but could bum one if you really really wanted a picture.

Carolyn Preston:
Hi, yes I thought I might need to get a picture up. I will try to do so in the next little while. In the mean time, I thought I would try to do a more complete description. I have read the ysart glass website and it merely served to confuse me more (sorry Frank, but I am new at this).

Diameter:  approximately 9 inches (23 cm)
Height:  approximately 4 inches (10 cm)

It appears to be made of several layers of glass. The top one (inside of bowl)  is clear, with the occasional (and rare) bit of dark pink glass. Directly below that is a pink layer, with adventurine and swirls (blotches?) of green, orange and purple (there are three largish ones and two much smaller ones). The adventurine is scattered throughout this layer. The majority of the pink bits in the clear glass layer are grouped like petals around one of these smaller blotches, but there are a few others as well. Below this layer is a layer of white and then a thick layer of clear glass. The first three layers are fluted with the last layer being fluted in opposition to the first fluting, but also are below the other flutes.

The bottom is absolutely flat. I would be absolutely convinced it is a Monart piece except for the fluting. This makes me think it might by Vysart, but I really more confused than anything.  As I said, I will try to get some pictures up shortly.

Can anyone think of any questions that I might be able to answer? There is, of course, no label.

There are so many possibilities that fit the description that only pictures will tell. I agree is sounds more Strathean/ Vasart than Monart but the base finish sounds wrong. But this could just be you need to understand the terminology... so picture please and we can teach you a bit about that as well as ID the piece (maybe :? )

Carolyn Preston:
Okay, the pictures are up. The URL's are:

Let the debate begin :D


Hi Carolyn,
                  your piece is not Ysart glass :cry: , may be Italian but is not Ysart im afraid, im sure Frank will come back with its origin


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