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Mass Produced Makers Mark - ID = Amit Enterprises, India


So, I have 2 of these tankards, 1 with an Elephant on one side (shown below) and 1 with a giraffe. Both have an umbrella thorn acacia tree engraved(?) on the other side.
I just wondered if anyone recognised the impressed mark to the base?
I have looked through Ivo's book and trawled through various sites, but to no avail  :'( :'(

I knew I'd seen this mark before and couldn't recall where, until I washed the dishes tonight and saw the same mark on the base of my kitchen measuring jugs, bought around a year or so ago in ASDA. I can't recall if they said where they were made or not, but if they still have them in stock locally the label might give a clue as to country of origin at least!  It's not one of those Pyrex ones with the bent handle, it has a proper shaped handle like your tankard, and the exact same mark on the base of each, along with a moulded 2 on the base of the litre size and 86 on the base of the litre/pint size.

Got it! Amit Enterprises, India... (says plastic on their website but they are glassmakers!)

 :o :o  Fantastic, Anne. Thank you so much  :-*


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