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Ok, here's some more I could use expert opinion on. I'm trying to learn but I only know the basics so far (At least enough to weed out the carp from the quality)  Here's what I've figured out so far and if anyone can add their 2 cents worth i'd be eternally gratefull.

1/ Signed Zephyr Studio's might be dated but it's hard to read. Probably an earlier piece, late 70's early 80's? Dichroic but how to discribe those splashes  of color?

2/ Signed Caithness has the second mark CIIG, any ideas of the name of this  one?

3/ Unmarked, VERY high quality. Tiny berry clusters maybe rasberry's or strawberry's, lots of 4 leaf clovers, anyone recognise it by the style or design? I've been searching but haven't come up with anything yet.

4/ Again unmarked but great quality, a sprout of purple tentacles over a cloudy white pillow. Again is the design or style recognisable? It has a round  pontil with a line across the center.

Thanks in advance!

2 is Moonflower

Thankyou Frank, I was just looking through the Caithness on your site that is linked to on the recievership thread.  I just converted my sister to a collector/seller she fell in love with paperweights. I'll try and buy her a Caithness for xmas ;)

3 is Murano (I had one) & 4 is a 'carp'  :P
The Zephyr weight is a nice one  :D



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