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Anyone have any American Glass for me to ID?

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I've now posted 7 paperweights asking for help and I really want to return the favor. I know American glassware real well so if anyone has any that needs Iding let me know! :)

Hi Cat,

Maybe you could have a look at this thread for new member Kathy. Pictures are on the second page.,6607.15.html

Many thanks.

:D Working  on  that one as we speak  :D

Don't worry there's plenty of American glass that appears on the board. You just have to keep looking, it's not always apparent from the title or from the location of the poster. Don't worry no-one gets thrown off for not helping  :lol:  :lol:

In the past I have posted a couple of ABP bowls here, but didn't get definite ID's for the patterns.  Can you help with ABP?  I'd love to know if these patterns have names, and if the makers can be identified, and whether they really are old or are newer copies.

I'll put the pics in my gallery, 'cos they were probably tinypic before, and long gone!   :roll:

The last one is so sharp, it feels as if you could cut your fingers picking it up!  :shock: And it's heavy!  :roll:

Thanks  :D


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