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Correction: Waltraud Neuwirth "Bimini Art Deco"

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Waltraud Neuwirth pages 80 & 81 back of the photo, the gentleman in a white coat is a master glassblower and an autodidact. He's not a packer he's the teacher. 

flying free:
which book is this correction for please Coup?

Hi it's Waltraud Neuwirth Bimini Art Deco 1992

flying free:
Thank you Coup.  That is good to know.

I have two of Walthraud Neuwirth's books and they are truly absolutely excellent -
Farbenglas 1 (a present from Michael on this board, and which was such a good book I had to search to get Farbenglas 11 from Germany)
Farbenglas II

I love them and refer to them frequently and always refer to them if I have a query about Bohemian glass or particularly 19th century glass (although later glass is included as well).
I am interested in the development of colour in glass and they are indispensable for the incredible information they contain.



The colours of glass looks like great books, I sort of prefer the fadenglas to the farbenglas but thats just for personal collecting :-)
Were yours just as expensive or did I pay over the odds at 50?


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