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Glen, have I made a boob or had a lucky escape?


On my travels round the car boot sales today, I nearly bought this

which is the same as the one listed above. But to me anyway it didn't look right, very modern and garish. Should I have spent my hard earned £30.00 and run fast or was I right in keeping my money? If wrong I hope its there next week  :wink:



I also bought a Blenko decanter, huge Canadian glass dish with original label ( the stall holder STILL said it was Murano despite this :? ), three pieces of Whitefriars trailed pieces, a Loetz vase, uranium and Murano beads, a Strathern paperweight and a few other pieces of cut glass, so didn't have much money or any hands free to carry any more!

Good Lord Barbara!  :shock:  :shock:  What a haul!  Is the Canadian glass Chalet?  If it's possible, I'd really like to see the sticker - I've never seen one before.  Sorry to disturb your thread to Glen.  :oops:

Hi Barbara - well there are two questions here really: one is, should you have bought the bowl. The other is, was it worth a lot more than £30.

The eBay auction you show is of a very pretty bowl, but I think the price is way out. A LONG way out. Imperial purple is very sought after, and very beautiful, but the pattern and shape does not warrant that kind of price. However, if the one you saw at the boot fair was in great condition, perfect in every way and had superb iridescence, then yes, it would have been a good buy for £30.

There have been some reproductions of the pattern - they are usually marked IG or LIG. You say the bowl you saw looked garish. I wouldn't use that to determine if it were old or not. Imperial's purple (made almost a century ago) can be breathtaking. Jam-packed full of colour and shimmering with blues, greens and purples.

The eBay auction is wrong in calling the item a rose bowl. It is not. It is simply a bowl. To fit the rose bowl shape, it should have cupped in sides at the top.

Hope I've answered your question(s). The bottom line should always be - if you like (love) it - then get it. If it turns you off, then leave it right there and walk away.


:lol:  :lol:  Max  :lol:  :lol: It's always a pleasure to "see" you. You could never disturb anything - you're far too nice.  :lol:

And yes, it sure was a haul, wasn't it. I meant to add that to my reply but got carried away answering the Carnival question(s).


Hi Glen,

I forgot to say I bought two pieces of carnival as well, a Fenton acorn in marigold and a coin dot in green.  :D  If its there next week I will snap it up , maybe,.

Max, the dish looks like blue "lips" but the label isn't Chalet I think it says Gallilao (sp), but I'll get the camera out and post some pictures tomorrow. I was going to go to Newark and Swinderby but to be honest couldn't be bothered in the end. Glad I didn't now as I never find any bargains there, just over priced junk and anything decent is either damaged or stupid money!



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