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Riihimaen Stellaria Shape check

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Ref this STELLARIA vase by Nanny Still for Riihimaen

Right size and label according to Desingnlasin Hintakirja (pp218) - but wow the shape compaired with the drawing is totally off.

Was this shape updated or toyed around with - my DH is 2005 so I would expect it to show all variations.

Adam P

Hi Adam,  :lol:
Long time no 'see.' I have the 2005 book and have just had a look. I agree that the shape in the book is a bit difficult to decipher as it is only sketch. The main difference is, towards the botton of the vase, the book shows that the sides should more be 'rounded,' whereas the vase shown in the link has decidedly squared off edges and it is not shown as dimpled in the book either. There are also fewer lines on the vase shown, than in the book.
However, I saw this and wanted to bid on it myself, as I think it is a good example, but the bidding has already gone way past my budget!

Now I can answer Frank's post in the cafe. Good pictures are essential!

Hi Della

Good to speak again - I have been away from the board for some months, work commitments abroad.

I have a confirm on the eBay shape in another Finnish glass book, which leaves me thinking the DL sketches are really quite bad sometimes.

I have often thought this when comparing with other pattern books such as the large format 'brochure' reissues from the Finnish Glass Museum.

Adam P

Please mention the book title, not everyone will be aware of it (including me).

Design sketches are often just that and the actual piece may vary. On this catalogue page I have replaced a few drawings with photos but I will only accept labelled examples to prove the match. When I finish enhancing the catalogue, the original drawings will be shown alongside pictures. This will show how reality and sketches can differ.

Also designs that are in production for a long period can evolve:

I wanted to bid on the Stellaria also. However the last one for sale went for £140 so I guessed it would go beyond me.


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