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Car boot finds with Canadian glass vase and label

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Hi All,

Here are some of the things bought yesterday;

Canadian blue vase, paperweights IOW and Strathern/Perthshire, vaseline beads and some cut salts.

Canadian label

Loetz vase

Blenko decanter

Paperweight (Perthshire or Strathearn not sure which :? )

Carnival glass dishes

Whitefriars trailed pieces


Better than the stuff I bought from auction last week, three out of the five pieces were damaged when I picked them up, and I am sure they were OK when I viewed them. That is the last time I leave commision bids, if I can't get and view again on the day I will pass :(

Thank you for your comment sweetie! xx :D  :D

You did so well Barbara!  But you know that.  :wink:  :D

Both your Whitefriars pieces look ok to me, although the (Amethyst?) one looks dark.  I'd like to hear what Emmi says on that one, or maybe it's just a trick of the light.  My book (Jackson) doesn't cover everything.

I'm not entirely sure your decanter is Blenko.  I bought one about 2 years ago, thinking the same, but the stopper was badly finished where it fitted in the bottle.  I deduced that it was a Italian, although there was a striking similarity.  I'm wary of that style of decanter now.  :lol:

Wish I could find those kind of pieces at a bootfair though!  :evil:

PS:  Off to Google the Canadian sticker now.  :wink:

What fabulous car boot finds....I have just come back from a particularly large one where I found exactly nothing of interest!

I think your Whitefriars amethyst( and others) looks fine - I am green with envy as it's a colour I really love.  I agree with Max on the "Blenko" decanter.(it is very striking though)  I am no way an authority on either Blenko or Italian for that matter, just a fleeting knowledge in fact, but it does look more Italian to me.

:D :D :D

 :? I think the Canadian label reads Giovanni, not Gallilao.

What a haul, Barbara!

I agree with Sue.  :D  I've Googled 'Giovanni' in every permutation I can think of to no avail.  The sticker looks old and I was thinking that maybe it pre-dated Chalet...just conjecture though.

If no-one comes up with anything, perhaps you could mail Michel Blais Gallery (the Chalet Glass man  :wink: ) and ask him if he knows of Giovanni Creations.  Bit cheeky I suppose, but I mailed him once before and had a useful email back from him.

PS  Emmi...that colour amethyst IS gorgeous!


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