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'Muffled' glass: is this 'mould-blown' glass?


David E:
I have come across a reference to 'muffled' glass that appears from the described process to be the same as mould-blown glass. Can anyone confirm?

Muffled glass was apparently invented by a German firm called Berlin Company(?) in 1884 and I believe patented by them - does this tally with the production of mould-blown?

David -

Could this refer to irridescent glass produced in a muffle furnace? Good discussion here -,2491.0.html

David E:
Hi Connie: no, I don't think these are related. Muffled glass has a  texture but no iridescence.

See: Birmingham Glass - images need severely optimising, but they are based in my home city so I'll contact them to see if they can help.

I did think at first this could be related to Whitefriars and Webb's 'optic-moulded' vases, but perhaps not.


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