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Hi all,just thought i would post some of Ola & Marie Hoglund`s work.There has beenquite a few occasions in the past and then only last week when i have told people about his/their work and the response i normally get is "he/they makes penguins and small vases & bowls,don`t they?". Here are some photos of some of their work that i have that i would like to show that is not the case.

Photo 1 is their Incalmo work.Large plate is 58 cms diameter and weighs around 7 kgs.

Photo 2 is some of their early work soon after setting up in Nelson,NZ.All were made in 1985.Tallest piece is 29 cms.

Photo 3 is of a Rainforest Graal vase weighing !0 kgs and 3 Sommerso pieces.

Photo 4 is of course the penguins.Largest being 19 cms tall which is a long way short of one that he made at around 45 cms tall.


Thanks Paul.

That is a serious collection of the Hoglund's work. I agree that they are highly skilled and diverse makers. I have only a few pieces incidental to my collection of Australian studio glass: an early bottle from 1985 with the tall neck and ring like those in your second photo, a small bowl and - yes - a penguin.

I have read that they have a second (Winter?) studio in northern Queensland, but I've never followed up to see what they make there.


Hi Trevor,
thank you so much for looking and your thoughts.You are so right about their diversity of work,obviously comes from their training at Orrefors & Kosta Boda.
Unfortunately they closed the Queensland operation and opened another one in Otago,NZ,another beautiful place in the world.

I thought I'd add to your collection of Hoglund Art Glass (N.Z.) with this piece I was able to pick up on the secondary market relatively cheaply!

I have been to the Hoglund Studio.  I was a little disappointed as much of the works designs at the time seemed to be based on Orrefors designs and I like something distinctly their own design.  I found this vase that I really like the colours of as well as the bubbled glass treatment that was very different to the rest available at the time.



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