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I have these two items for a while now. The basket which is neither pink nor amber but seems a cross between the two colours is 6" diameter from back to front and I don't have a clue.

This pink vase is 4.75" tall with round hobnails and i'm inclined to think may be American, but then I'm probably way out!

Thank you in advance


Hi Pat,

The second one could be Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail.

Can't help with the first one, sorry.


Thank you Della I see what you mean. I remember a discussion somewhere about the hibnails being round or pointed making a difference which is why I described them and you can't tell from your photo, but it certainly looks like it from that. But I don't know whether it;s vintage or modern. I suspect modern.

Just found this other link too, Pat.

Seems it is a tumbler:

Thank you again. That looks exact. I was looking around myself but had not found that site yet. One down and one to go!


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