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Help with ID's please

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Hi Pat -

I can confirm that Della is spot on with the identification.  You have a Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail tumbler.  I don't have my books withy me but I can give you the ware no. and production date later this afternoon when I get home.

As a rule of thumb, Fenton hobnails are pointy.  But there are exceptions to the rule - as in these tumblers.

Nobody knows about the first item then. Not even a speculation?

Stourbridge? Bohemian?. It's very pretty. Is the pontil mark ground out?

Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Tumbler, 12oz, is ware # 3947 CR produced from 1940-1978

There was also a water set made for Levay with a 9oz tumbler so  please check how  many  fluid ounces yours holds :)

Christine, The pontl mark is slightly recessed but rough.

Cat, Thank you.


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