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Globe vase embossed made in France


Hi All
can anyone help on this one.  Globe vase malchite/jade globe vase with leaf berry decoration.  Mould blown with darker areas added.  The central circular parts have been polished the rest is a frosted/satin finish.  The base is embossed made in France 148 then above and below this is mad/made which are faint marks.  So these I would assume stand for made but no follow on text.

Now this is where it gets interesting this particular pattern is listed as pearl mist by Cambridge glass USA 1930s.  Now I know Cambridge glass did at one stage buy in many glass moulds from other glass companies so my question is has anybody got any ideas on whom this vase may have been made by?  I think this maybe a mystery but any help most welcome.

Cheers Chris

Anne Tique:
Hello Christopher,

This is not an easy one as the markings are so basic, but the style and finishing, as in quality,  remind me a bit of M Model. Unfortunately there's not much info out there that I could find   :-\


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