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depression glass help

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Does anyone recognize this pattern? It isn't rippled panel or ribbed panel.

What about this bowl? It is about 5-6" in diameter.

Does anyone recognize this pattern?

I'm not positive if this is depression glass:

I can't place these two items either:

All help is appreciated!!

Number 4 is Early American Pattern glass and predates Depression glass. Terry

Thank you!! We actually have close to 10 pieces in this similar pattern. My grandma passed away in April and my mom and I are trying to sort through all of her collectibles. We've spent hours pouring over books and websites.

#1 Looks like Anchor Hocking's Manhattan but i've never heard of a cookie jar. Could be their later Park Lane pattern.
#2 Duncan & Miller's Carribean

We initially thought Manhattan as well, but, couldn't find any mention of a cookie jar. Thanks for the tips!


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