Author Topic: Help me Identify This TEXTURED Tree Trunk Vase  (Read 6875 times)

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Help me Identify This TEXTURED Tree Trunk Vase
« Reply #20 on: January 15, 2005, 09:36:16 PM »
Hi everyone!
Thanks for the last few  comments! I think we will get to an answer soon, lol, I hope!!!  :lol:

I think that if we can't get an specific answer, at least with all the comments we can find out what it is NOT.

On other news... Just last night I decided to email some contributors from the Antiques Road Show (since I found out that they will be in Tampa this year!), and come to find out at least 1 of them checks this site! I received 2 responces right away  :o  (thanks!). One letting me know to contact a second person, and the other (from this 2nd person) which mentioned that she thought it was an European piece. That was as far as I got, lol.

The 2 of them were also stumped. So I guess the mystery goes on. I didnt get an age reference, or hint as to the process from which it was made, so our guesses are what we have to go on for now.

I really appreciate all the help put forth so far :wink:
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