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I have two patent (DRGM) numbers for scent sprays, 184196 and 286689.
I come up with completely unrelated machinery designs, what am I missing?

Are you sure you shouldn't be looking at registered designs rather than patents. A patent is generally for a way of doing something

As a process of elimination, neither of those numbers show up on the UK National Archives catalogue in respect of atomisers. 184196 relates to a design for lace, 286689 relates to the design for an earring. 

Espacenet patent search returns results for both numbers - see ...


Both the DE (German) entries have no details though, not even a date, just the categories they relate to, which isn't wildly helpful.

Puzzling, I will add some images once I get to them... later this or next week.
I found actual patent documents but clearly not for these mechanisms... also checked design reg.

Found this info on a non glass site, so looks like it will not be easy, maybe when Feli has access to student networks...
...the number preceded by the initials 'D.R.G.M.' is not a patent but an utility model registration for a short term (three years that could be extended for another three). With few exceptions, all the files from 1891 until 1934 are lost, and the only information available about a given number is the classification number, title, registerer name, address and date. For example, number 96541 correspond to a 'Kugelpatrone' registered by Brenneke of Leipzig on March 29, 1898 and renewed on March 20, 1901.

I'm afraid that this information can only be obtained at the Deutsches Patentamt in Berlin. Also, you may be able to find old paper copies of the 'Patentblatt' in some public libraries in Germany, USA (Chicago) and probably in other countries as well. Some US libraries also have digitalized copies but these are accessible only to universities using their private network.


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