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Riihimaki ? glass bottle vase - Nanny Stil - ID = Erkkitapio Siiroinen


Please can anyone help me identify this vase? I think it is Riihimaki.
I bought it a flea market in Germany. It has an almost identical bottle neck to Nanny Stilís Polaris and Grapponia vases, and is the same blue as the Polaris vase I have, but I canít track it down. It measures 17 cm high x 13 cm wide x 5 cm deep, tapering to 1cm deep at the sides. The main surface is covered in small raised dots, although the neck, top, base and flower decorations are smooth..
Iíd be grateful for any help.
Best wishes

It is Riihimaki, a Paukkurauta whisky decanter designed by Erkkitapio Siiroinen:


Hi John

Thanks so much for this information. It's a good feeling to have a hunch bear fruit. I paid very little for the vase - decanter, so am chuffed to bits, although I like it anyway.

It's good to learn new things and have kind members of the message board such as you send me links.

Thanks again.
Best wishes


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