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It's me again...with another inquiry...
How do you find out the value of an item and go about getting the best price for it?
I have been trying to help my neighbor sell some older items from his grandmothers estate, and even though I have succeeded on some items, I feel that some of these things may be worth more than I am actually selling them for.
I deal with e-bay, but I do not feel I always get the true value of the item.
Please advise.
 :) Thank you.

Ebay value is not the same as say antique fair value. Research what similar things have sold for on ebay first. Some things do not sell well on ebay and others better than elsewhere.

Hi there  :)

I agree with Pat, but have you checked the Completed Listings on eBay?  

Advanced Search > Completed Listings Only

That'll give you an idea of the price range your item should achieve.  Of course the hardest part is knowing what you have first - that's the real leg-work.  :wink:

Good luck selling your neighbours seems like you're doing the best you can for them.   :D


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