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I am looking for information and pictures of glass made by Kunstglasfabrik Gebrüder Funk. Often listed as Lusatian (Lausitz), Gebrüder Funk were located in Penzig that, between the wars was part of Germany. The company apparently did not continue after the war. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I thought I should add - I know the where, the when, and a little bit about the who. I know that in 1936 they employed 150 workers and at some point in the '20s or '30s, (based on an acid stamp mark seen on some products) they had an output large enough to export to the United States. I also know Gebrüder Funk was located in Silesia, not Lusatia. What I don't have is many actual pieces or a large enough picture library of their products to know it when I see it. I suspect there are a good deal more than those I recognize. I would love to see what's out there if you have pictures you can share.

Hello and welcome to the board.  :)
It sounds as if you may well know more about this than any of us do.
It's really interesting - I might have been tempted to try to attribute some of those to Welz.
Anything more you could show us or tell us would be greatly appreciated.
One member here Obscurities (I think) is working on the Welz output.
You may (hopefully) find you have plenty to discuss.  :)

Thank you for the welcome and kind words. I have corresponded with Obscurities through another site. It was because of a conversation we had there that I came here. In that (multi-partied) conversation, a well-known German glass collector gave me an indication that there was some knowledge available. With the hefty prices (especially when you add shipping to US) in online German shops and active competition for reasonably priced auctions, this seemed to confirm an interest. While I'm waiting for a couple books from Germany to arrive (which may or may not be helpful), I thought I'd see what develops here.

 :) I'm very pleased to hear you already know Craig.
But I'm afraid I know very, very little. I'm going to take a back seat and hope this continues so I can learn. Hopefully, it will become a very long and informative endeavour! ;D


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