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Large footed dish - can anyone ID please? = probably Walther


We found this recently and just fell for it. It's quite heavy, about 7" tall and 8" diameter. The stand is solid glass. My mother thought it was perhaps 1920's but I'm not so sure - I think it's much later than that, so I'm wondering if anyone here has seen this bowl design before and may know  who made it and when it dates from please?

Anne any ideas yet?

Nothing definite Frank, but  I think this may be a Walther discontinued design. The foot is the same as a current production item - that's as close as I've got so far.

Hi Anne, Walther Bad Driburg (established by Horst Walther in 1951) was also my first idea :)
unable to log in from office desk  :cry:

Pamela, thank you, I am sure you are right. I'm happy with a Walther attribution. :)


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