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Selkirk Glass Closed

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I am sorry to report that the administrators have closed down Selkirk Glass completely today. :(

While there can be no joy derived from the closing of Selkirk, there could be a silver lining. In the long run, it might help Caithness (if it survives its receivership) as there will be a little less competition for quality paperweights. Also, it may up the price of Selkirk weights in the secondary marketplace, such as eBay.

But the message is clear - global competition from poor-quality, cheaply made and cheaply priced knock-off imports is continuing to damage the United Kingdom glass industry.

You can only blame Joe public who prefer to buy cheap and nasty. But lets face it, how many collectors are buying at retail? How many wait for the second market appearance?

A good parallel is toys shops, full of cheap and nasty break within a week garbage, or very high priced but still often cheap and nasty. There are very few strongly made toys anymore even Fisher-Price stuff is more lightly made than it was 20 years ago. It was common for toys to pass through several hands as each owner grew out of it. Now few toys survive long enough to pass on once. It is the high cost of labour that obliges the shift of manufacture abroad combined with discount stores and the like. But if we insist on locally made goods we risk being accused of protectionism.

Imagine you go into a store to by a gift for a distant relatives birthday, you end up with a choice between a 15 pound Caithness paperweight or a 5 pound Chinese one. Both are pretty and the Chinese one has more exciting and vibrant colours (you know nothing about glass) ... which one do you choose?

It took me a few minutes before I realized the 15 pound paperweight meant COST not actual heft (weight). I was thinking I'd buy the Caithness anyway, but was wondering why you were comparing heaviness. D'oh.  :lol:



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