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ID Please - pretty blue and aventurine crown

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Here is a lovely little crown - I am thinking Murano, but I have been SO wrong lately, I am very nervous about making any assumptions... :oops:

here we are:

Crown Paperweight

Nice, your pix supersize in Firefox as well as IE you know

Hi Christine, I wondered - they do in Firefox on my machine, but I didn't know if that was just because the originals were on MY computer anyway.

I'll have to see if I can work out a way to change the wording - it is automatically inserted by the software.

At first glance, based on dome, smooth round base, use of aventurine, and curve of ribbons, your weight is Murano, from the Venetian lagoon in Italy. This one is a little more interesting than others I've seen bcause of the deep blue of the ribbons and the lack of a central millefiori cane at the top of the crown. Usually these paperweights have the cane from which the ribbons and altenating aventurine flow.

Not one of the Eugenio Ferro (formerly Ferro and Lazzarini) crowns on Jackie Lindsay's website  shows a central millefiori cane, nor do any of the famously beautiful AVEM crowns.  

I always thought the millefiori canes were usually put in to disguise the joining of the ribbons and latticinio strips in the cheaper, mass produced weights.


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