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Funky Frosted Footed Vase


This vase has me completely stumped.  Interesting technique, combined frosted and translucent.  It's rather large and made from heavy glass.  Appears to be factory and not studio glass.  Two siblings may be seen for comparison on eBay, completed auction numbers 140015561526 and 140015965392.

Poss Sasaki, Japan 1950's 60's
Those not "frosted" (ie externally by sand blasting or acid etching for example) but this one doesn't look as tho it is either.

Thanks.  Modern Japanese glass does not seem to have much of a market, I think because it is so derivative and often (not always) low quality.  This piece, though, is an original, reminding me of nothing I've seen before.  I'm curious about technique.  I'm not sure how it was made, but the frosted/satin effect is everywhere (including bottom) except the clear panels.

pics gone


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