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Elme or Holmegaard or ?


Picked up this intriguing vase earlier this week which has an unusual triangular base, and is 9.5" tall, colour blue with a solid white cased interior. It has a red Made in Sweden label to the base. The seller said she had owned it since the 1970's.
I have recently seen a similar vase on Ebay but that one had a pumpkin style base and that was attributed to ELME, would this have come from the same glassworks I wonder. I had never heard of Elme before this. Any ideas once again please? :roll:  :oops:

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D

Anne EB is the Elme expert. I think she would say "Yes"

I can confirm that is by Elme Glasbruk.

Many thanks for the info, both. Sorry for the delay in replying but been away since very early Sunday..

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D


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