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Scandi - Helena Tynell? Help with ID please

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:D  Hi everyone, bought this the other day, it reminds me of some of Helena Tynell's designs for Riihimaki but I've not been able to find this exact pattern or shape in any of my books - can anyone help?  It's 5.5in/14cm tall, the same widthways and weighs 730g:-


Anne E.B.:
Hi Pip :P   These have been discussed some time ago.  They were thought to be most probably Italian, from around the Florence region and not Riihimaki.  I've been unable to add the link to my original posting for some reason "Textured vases with large eye pattern..."  but if you type that in  "Search" you will see the link.  In the meantime, I'll see if I can add it.

I agree with Anne - still a good looking vase though!  I thought your pics had been compressed Pip until I read the dimensions you gave.  It looks more squat than other versions I've seen - maybe my memory is playing tricks...  :?:

Thanks very much Anne and Max - I shall search for 'eye pattern' as suggested :-)  Max, the pics haven't been compressed - it's as wide as it's tall - a dumpy little thing.  Cheers again ...

Anne, I've found and read the thread where they were discussed previously.  What's interesting is that although mine is a much squatter version it's obviously from the same maker HOWEVER the base is very different.  Yours have a 'birdbath' Czech type base - mine (picture 3) is completely flat - I wonder why they'd be different?


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