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Feigl & Morawetz Libochovice no. 1917 w/ unknown Brass

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flying free:
I was just wondering if the fact the piece is marked on the base has any bearing on it being made pre 1938.


Sorry for the distraction, m.  :-[ I got rather annoyed at the brass plonked over the horses with absolutely no regard for them.

You are making an important point/query about the marks and dating. But I can't help.
Is one mark in French? If so, it might indicate made for export, and that might help a little.

flying free:
Hi Sue :)
yes the brass is strange but I've seen it on other pieces.  I think they look quite classy with the mounts (but I also think they look better mounted simply on a plain black base  :) ).   With the gilt/brass mounts though, I can imagine if they aren't properly adjusted it would distract from the pressed image though but perhaps it's the pic of the item that shows the mount slightly in the wrong place?

Regarding my question about the Tchecoslovaquie mark:

In 2009 Marcus (iirc I think it was Marcus that was user Sklounion ) gave some very good information on this query about the French Tchecoslovaquie mark here:,26653.msg146501.html#msg146501

I quote his whole post - the bold part relates to my question and is my bold :

'With less than perfect knowledge, I would like to make the following observations:

Rudolfova Hut moulds were predominantly made 1905- 1950s, by Ulrich and Christl, Mstisov. Only when that company, by then nationalised, became part of Sklarny Inwald, did Rudolfova Hut acquire an "in-house" mould-making capability.

Rosice moulds were mostly made for the factory, prior to 1946, by the Brno based H.Kiko mould-making company, which following the Benes decrees, continued as supplier, becoming Brnoform in the post-communist era, and supplying Rosice when it was, for a limited period, a part of Crystalex.

Libochovice moulds were supplied by both Czechoslovakian companies, tho' three tableware patterns definitely used imported moulds from the USA.

I have no information regarding Hermanova Hut's suppliers.

Raised marks to Inwald items are the exception, not the rule.

Hermanova Hut, Libochovice and Rosice items also carry the mark, but again not on all items. Another pre-war Czechoslovak manufacturer to use the raised mark on pressed glass was S.Reich.

The mark appears not to have been used after WWII.



It was posted as  part of the conversation in this thread:,26653.msg146436.html#msg146436

I was just wondering if anything had transpired since then in terms of any new light on the matter.

flying free:
As an example, this vase and the Birds vase appeared in the Libochovice catalogue of 1930-1939:

As I noted on another thread, I had found the Birds vase in the pre-1958 catalogue on Marcus' DVD which came with the book.

I suppose I'm wondering if they still used the same molds with the Czechoslovakia and Tchecoslovaquie mold marked on the base, in their production after WWII.  i.e. just continued using pre-war molds to produce even if the molds used were marked Czechslovakia and Tchecoslovaquie on the base.


Do we have any idea how many identical moulds were normally made?


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