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Round clear, 1.5 cm (5/8") "Made in Poland" label

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I picked up a blue glass (bud?) vase  today with clear glass applied handles. It is not signed but has a clear, round label about 1.5 cm in diameter with a small "Made in Poland" inscription in black all capital letters. It is heavy, but I don't think it is crystal, just thick glass. Looks to be blown glass with a hot worked pontil. Does anyone know which Polish glass maker used this label? The vase is 14 cm (5 3/4") high and about 7.6 cm (3") at its widest point. It is pear shaped with a wide rim and is apparently cased as the base is clear glass.

Adding images.

No "one company" used a label like that, it's more of an importer's label, indicating country of origin.
Tracking down a maker from Poland is difficult. There was a large area which had a lot of different makers in Krosno, and you'll sometimes find really good quality work with a label saying that, but that will be older. Around the beginning of the '00s, an importing company, LSA, started bringing a lot of contemporary decorative wares from Poland into the uk and elsewhere, and that's where you'll find these round sticky plastic Made in Poland stickers. You might even find one with LSA on it.

Having said all that, I've never seen anything with applied handles like that, with these labels on and they surprise me.  :)

Thanks, Sue. It is a nice little piece. I figured it might be modern florist glass, but most of that glass in the US is Made in China.

Polish glass is good quality.  :)


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