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Round clear, 1.5 cm (5/8") "Made in Poland" label

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I looks like something straight from the 80s. I remember my grandmother having a flower pot very similar to this one. I don't think it was exactly the same because although the color and shape on general look spot on, there was no Made in Poland stamp and I am pretty sure my grandfather said he bought it in the Czech Republic. Blur glass decorations likes vases, bowls etc were highly in demand. Of course it may be just nostalgia talking through me as I fondly think about my childhood yet it was long time ago. Sorry I can't be more helpful. I will however ask my Mom if she remembers.

Thanks for your comment VelmaDoo! I look forward to hearing what your mother thinks!

It can be: Makora glass from Korosno, or glassworks in Tarnowiec Poland.
 google try: "tarnowiec wazon"

Name object : AMFORA
designer Ludwik Fiedorowicz

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Also, Dziękuję Ci to PK Branicki, and Welcome to the board.   ;D


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