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Can anyone help me locate copies of the following for research on my Ma / PhD relating to industrial dispute in the glass industry 1870-1900.

Pressed Glassmakers Friendly Society of Great Britain Quaterly reports up to 1892? thought to originate around 1872.

Glass Circle papers

Any thing else any one may consider relevent would be gratefully received.

thanks Christine  :D


David E:

Look for T.C.Barker's 'The Glassmakers', pub. Weidenfeld & Nicholson, as this covers the history of Pilkington from 1826-1976 including the period you require and mentions of Chance Brothers inevitably crop up. Also my book, but it's not out yet :wink:

Email me if you'd like me to offer more advice.

:roll: A2A show nothing at all not even the ones that I know are in Tyne and Wear Archive, the problem is not everything is electronicaly  recorded yet, so they are probably lurking some where in a local archive and I will only find them on a card search.  I was hoping some one else may have already used them and be able to point me in the right direction, as they are frequently referenced in old books but I just dont know where they got them from.  Yes I already have the Pilkington Book which is interesting thank you.  I have done British Museum /Copec searches and all the web searches I can think of.

They are out there some where but where?  
Thanks Christine

David E:

Are you specifically looking for information relating to pressed glass, as mentioned in your profile, or an overall view of the glass industry?

I do go to Himley Hall (Broadfield House archives) on a regular basis so can ask there if this helps. If there are any particular publications, BH may just have them although the museum is more geared towards Stourbridge glass.


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