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White and yellow spiral threads - ID please


Lovely egg shaped weight, with a spiral of white and yellow threads.  Any idea on id please?


White Threads

The white ribbon pattern is reminiscent of Steuben, but Steuben stopped using color early on and only had clear glass, with some using white swirls; therefore, I'm not sure. It seems the base has a slight indentation from a production tool, and Steuben weights were flawless. But, that design screams Steuben and it is well-known that glassmakers at Steuben in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s were allowed to have "fun" after work.

yes, there is a flaw in the base, looks like a tool mark, or maybe a bubble.  

Lovely weight though, I find it very elegant and soothing to follow the threads around  :)

Interesting, I have never had a Steuben weight, another name to research now!

I have actually seen Chinese weights similar to this, although the base looks too clear for Chinese production, even with the little mark in it   :?  

Could be Murano :shock:  Could be quite a few things! :roll:  

Sorry I can't be more help with this one    :oops: :(


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